About Us


About Us

CommonBear  (phonetically ‘Camembert’,  a famous French cheese). Based in Paris, in the 6eme arrondissement, we bring you an international crew of 16 graduate students. From all corners of the world, representing 12 different nationalities we have taken up a challenge to change our community.

Our Story

Sweden, England, France, Germany, Syria, Slovakia, United States, Italy, Portugal, Comoros, Turkey, the list goes on. 16 students, 12 nationalities and 17 languages. Different cultural, academic, and political backgrounds, but we all share a common characteristic: migration. We are travellers. We are expatriates. We are migrants.

Nowadays, migration is a pressing issue. However, we believe that migration is an inherent part of humanity. Human beings have always migrated and crossed borders. Our aim is to underline that, despite the things that separate us such as our skin color, religion, political opinions or origins—we can all find some commonality. Whether it be sports, cooking, reading, drawing, photography, postal stamps or vintage cars—we are all united by our passions. We are all #Rooted2 something.

We want to show that similarities between humans are superior to differences. Our objective is to highlight these common passions, create bridges between different populations and enable communication between groups of individuals who assume that they have nothing in common. We want to counter hate speech and division by enforcing positive messages that demonstrate the humanity in each of us. Our goal is to de-politicize the question of migration by emphasizing a neutral and positive subject: OUR passions.

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